Senior Boxing

Senior boxing classes We endeavour to teach our boxers that defence first is the art of boxing ‘hit without being hit’ We provide structured training sessions through qualified ABA coaching staff. For beginners we provide foundation skills where you master the basics.
As you become more confident and more skilful you can choose to progress into light sparring and enhanced fitness training programmes and in time compete in amateur boxing shows.
Our Senior Boxing Classes are structured and for beginners to advanced and of all different fitness levels abilities. No matter your reason for boxing we are here to help. The aim of amateur boxing is to score punches on your opponent as many times as you can without getting hit.
We aim to increase your accuracy, hand speed and stamina. Most importantly, your footwork is the key to your success. There is no contact involved in the sessions, just practising of techniques and learning how to use boxing effectively and in an appropriate way.
Once we feel you have a good foundation light sparring will be the next step.
Our classes are for people who want to train like pro fighters but don’t want a black eye doing it! Boxing gives you identity. It’s not like throwing on a Harley Davison jacket and believing you’re a biker. We’ll teach you how to think and perform like a pro fighter in everything you do. We’ll push you to go one more round, run one more mile and do one more push-up than you did before. Shaun Brown Boxing Academy makes use of the raw ingredients that could be said to constitute the essence of the fictional character ‘Rocky’ and made him champion